Danica Fontaine is the Founder and Creative Director of Ethyrea Media Group. She is the writer, creator and author of "The Order of Ethyrea" Book Series, which is now in early pre-production on a five picture feature film franchise based on the series. Fontaine has projects in the works in print, film, and television, and is involved with multiple non-profit charities, as well as educational and patriotic causes. She has extensive experience in several diversified fields in the entertainment industry. A former Miss Dance America, Michael Benet print model, a long-time singer/actress, club DJ and promoter, former newscaster/ investigative reporter, as well as producer, she is also currently a member of the advisory board for the Chicago based 501(C)3 ''The Louis Rawls Foundation." She is a multi-published, multiple award-winning author and poet, having recently twice been awarded ''The Gold Star" Award from Publishers Desk for both book one and book two in the Order of Ethyrea Series. In addition to the Ethyrea series, Danica is currently writing several pilot series as well as a historical docu-drama film series that spotlights gender bias in history. Danica is a Chiari Survivor, and is technically, a modern day cyborg. In her spare time, she enjoys regular spinal taps, Kickboxing, and has undergone seven brain surgeries and two spinal surgeries since Sept 30, 2011.