Ethyrea, a parallel universe rumored to be the origin of all existence, is the anchor of harmonic balance across the known realms. Home to a brave and courageous race of mystic elemental warriors, the Brethren are known for their unmatched mastery of sorcery and might. Charged with maintaining the delicate equilibrium that is Nature itself, the Brethren are synonymous with Honor, Truth, Bravery, Justice and Loyalty.


Once a world filled with peace and prosperity, Ethyrea is now besieged by an evil Sorceress and her army of nightmares. The Royal Houses of the land of Ethyrea will unite to send their finest Brethren Warriors to undertake a perilous quest that will lead into a long, destroyed realm of horrors. Prophesized to overthrow those that threaten their way of life, they must track down the pieces of remembrance and reunite the armor with its lost heir. Will the Brethren realign fate and reunite the worlds that lay beyond the borders of known existence?


Are you of the Brethren?