​Ethyrea Media Group, (“EMG”), is seeking a select few exclusive online advertising partners to provide relevant, artistic, mandatory commercial advertising content that will be shown prior to every video viewed during the voting process for its “International Specialty Talent Search and Casting Competition”. Competitors in ten (10)+ sideshow and circus categories will compete for the chance to be featured as one of the Festival Stars performing in the “Showcase of the Realms” – a unique and artistically dynamic independent feature in the upcoming Major Motion Picture, “Ethyrea: Code of the Brethren.”

This worldwide casting contest is designed to be a user driven, Social Media platform based, international competition in which “would be contestants” will upload a video to Ethyrea dot com that showcases themselves performing their specialty skill. Contestants are then required to share their video across Social media platforms worldwide in an effort to acquire audience views, votes, and likes. At the conclusion of the nine (9) month competition, the five (5) videos in each category with the most views/votes/likes will be presented to the Producers, Directors, and Showcase Choreographers for selection and casting as the Stars of the Showcase.

The Showcase will be a dazzling spectacle seen in the opening scenes of the feature film and very well may be potentially adapted, expanded, and/or licensed into a full-blown, live action, engaging audience experience that could benefit from the entire marketing plan for the Feature Film’s official marketing and merchandising phase.

Due to the select field of talent specific contest participants, coupled with the broad target demographic group appeal these types of specialty performances command, EMG is seeking to streamline the potential of this content by capitalizing on this unique, innovative, worldwide advertising platform by designing it specifically to support the growth of this Contest with a select few “Exclusive” Online Content Providers whose products themselves are a unique and enchanting brand which will also appeal to the same broad target demographic group to ensure that any and all advertising content itself will serve to enhance the Viewers experience and not detract from the voting experience. 

If you are a Company with a unique, enchanting brand, looking for a new, innovative, targeted advertising platform to help propel your marketing efforts to the next level, contact us at: Sponsors at Ethyrea dot com and we will send you a personalized proposal and sponsorship package for review.  ​