There are only a limited number of first editions remaining on the market to date. The Second Editions are a more comprehensive look into the Origins of the Brethren, include an extensive reference guide, artwork, and incorporate all of the changes included in the new extended version of the Second Edition / International Version of Book One: Code of the Brethren! To get updates on when the Second Edition is scheduled to release, please join the Brethren Mailing List here

Coming Soon! Second Editions of Tribe of the Lost

The epic journey continues! For generations now, the mystery of the Ayr Brethren and the realm of Ethyrea have been kept a secret from both the people of Aturen and the Brethren. Aturen is the source of LifeBreath and the key to the CrossRoads of the Realms. When NightRaven and his Renegade Knights kidnap Lady Shae, they unwittingly set into motion Pamera's master plan and unlock the Harpentia HorrorRealm. The Brethren race against time to stop the cosmic alignment that will destroy the realm of Aturen and the Lost Tribe forever. Will the prophecy fulfill itself and destroy the source of LifeBreath and all who wield it? Or are the Brethren on a collision course with destiny that will return the Lost Tribe to the fold and begin to explain the origins of the Ethyrean Brethren?