This contest is No Purchase Necessary. Provided below are several of Danica's favorite short excerpts from the book that have been carefully chosen to test your capabilities, creativity, annunciation, and overall presentation skills. HOWEVER, we firmly believe it is of great benefit to all entrants in the Voice of Ethyrea Contest to read, digest, and completely familliarize yourself with the Order of Ethyrea books, (especially since the winner will have the honor of becoming the narrator of the future Ethyrea audiobook series!)

That's one of the reasons that we made this contest duration as long as we did. We want everyone to have the opportunity to be as well versed and prepared with their entries as possible. But, we also understand the daily financial struggles that present themselves and can appreciate that not everyone has the capability of purchasing books all of the time. I mean let's face it - Books are a luxury that sometimes go unpursued in lieu of more pertinent things. Plus, the International Editions are really lengthy books. It's not a quick read. 

So, that's why we are offering all contestants the opportunity to take advantage of some special discounts being offered to confirmed Voice Contest Entrants directly from the Publisher - to give everyone the chance to be as well versed in all things Ethyrea as they feel necessary to turn in an entry file that is nothing short of spectacular! So, be on the look out for a special email that will be coming to you with the information necessary to purchase a copy for yourself at discount shortly after you confirm your registration into the contest. 

No matter what you decide is best for you- picking up a copy of the book or using one of the provided passages, really makes no difference to us! We just can't wait to hear your entry and really look forward to sharing this journey with you all! 

Voice of Ethyrea Contest - Entrant Materials